TTEC Digital Solution for Dynamics Genesys Integration: 2-Day Implementation

TTEC Digital

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Genesys PureCloud with InteractionSync

InteractionSync for PureCloud integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Genesys PureCloud, linking your organization's customer interactions with the power of Dynamics 365.

The embedded PureCloud client resides on a sidebar **inside of Dynamics 365** and can handle 85% of most agent-related actions, but if the need arises to leverage the full functionality of PureCloud, you can simply slide out the entire PureCloud client page, inside of Dynamics.

While the interface is one of the most visible features of InteractionSync for PureCloud, *the real power comes from the automated screen pop and activity creation*. InteractionSync intelligently searches Dynamics 365 for the proper contact, lead, or account to pop. InteractionSync will automatically create an activity in Dynamics 365 to track the interaction and associate it to any record.

### Deliverables

Managed solution installation and configuration

**Activity configuration**

* Discuss calls, emails, callbacks, and chats will be used in activity logging

* Determine additional activity field needs

* Determine information to populate within the activity

**Screen pop configuration**

* Define screen pop desired behavior based on interaction flow

* Utilize interaction attributes to set screen pop (Note: if custom PureCloud data actions are needed to select set the correct attribute, that will be outside the scope of this quick start package)

**Basic testing**

* Test various scenarios utilizing call flows, out-of-the-box attributes, custom attributes, and configured media types

**Train the trainer**

* Discuss the solution and specific customizations from a high level

* Walk through client settings and basic interaction scenarios

* Provide resources for users after training

Additional custom functionality and reporting are not included, but can be quoted separately.

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