Launchpad for Commerce: 10 Week Implementation


We weave together Dynamics 365 Commerce with the Avtex CX Design and Orchestration methodology to ensure a holistic customer-experience centric approach, fueled by data and rapidly delivered.

Deliver personalized and meaningful customer experiences across physical and digital channels, uniquely connecting the end-to-end shopper journey with Avtex and Dynamics 365 Commerce. The Launchpad for Commerce rapid-start solution from Avtex is built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and leverages the Microsoft technology stack to provide companies with an advanced system to manage all their needs around POS, E-commerce, marketing, contact center, finance, inventory, BI & Analytics and much more. Our rapid-start methodology gets you up and running in just two to four months.

Agenda & Services Provided*

  • Week 1
    • Project Kickoff
    • B2C and Ecommerce Infrastructure Setup
    • Start data Collection
  • Week 2
    • Environment Provisioning
    • Business Entity setup
    • Back-office configuration
    • Online Channel Creation
  • Week 3
    • POS and Stores configuration and setup
    • Setup and configure products, hierarchies and images for online channel
    • Setup and configure site content
  • Week 4
    • POS and Stores configuration and setup
    • Ecommerce site Setup
    • Develop and apply site customizations
  • Week 5
    • POS and Stores setup
    • Develop and apply site customizations - continued
  • Week 6
    • Final review of back office and POS setup and configuration
    • Sign-up and logon setup
    • End-User Training
  • Week 7
    • Final review of Online Channel Setup and Configuration
    • End-User Training
  • Week 8
    • End-to-end test cases
  • Week 9
    • Production Online, back office & POS setup and configuration
    • Final Data Collection for Go-Live
  • Week 10
    • End-User Training
    • POS Deployment
    • Site Launch

*Est. dependent on number of integrations, eCommerce modules

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