LinkedIn Sales Navigator: 1-Day Implementation

Bond Consulting Services

PointDrive is a new way to engage buyers using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, powered by Marketing Monarchs.

Leverage the PointDrive functionality inside LinkedIn Sales Navigator:


  • Business Insights Review *
  • Video training
  • 1 PointDrive Presentation setup included


  • This solution requires Sales Navigator Team edition or above
  • Requires Microsoft Dynamics 2016, 365 or later, online or on-premises

*In this review process, we’ll conduct a high-level snapshot of your key business positioning in terms of value propositions, competitive differentiators, product and solutions alignment, target market focus, and your go-to-market strategies.

The goal of this review is to identify areas of your business that could benefit greatly from small optimizations and adjustments.

Based on our long-term successful experience, working and consulting in the technology industry, we will deliver insightful suggestions that you can begin implementing immediately.

Optionally, with deeper examination and analysis, we will flush out detailed plans and techniques to validate our thinking and to implement specific actions for you and your organization to undertake.

The end result is a more productive, valuable, effective, and profitable organization.

Not familiar with PointDrive? Visit to view a sample presentation.