Beyondsoft Digital Innovation for Frontline Workers Deployment: 10-Week Implementation

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Beyondsoft will deploy a collection of solutions from Teams, Power Platform and Viva to address the most significant technological challenges to help you drive digital innovation for frontline workers

What are Beyondsoft Digital Innovation for Frontline Workers Services?

Frontline workers are the backbone of every industry, delivering essential services and products to customers and society. However, they often face challenges such as high stress, inadequate training, and limited access to technology. These challenges have been exacerbated by the pandemic and the economic uncertainty, leading to high turnover and low morale among frontline workers. Main challenges today are:

• Inadequate technical training: Frontline workers may not have the skills or knowledge to use new technology effectively, which can lead to frustration, errors, and low productivity. They may also feel pressure to adapt to new technology over fear of losing their jobs. • Inter-office communication difficulties: Frontline workers may have limited access to communication channels with their managers, colleagues, and corporate staff, which can result in isolation, misinformation, and lack of alignment. • Lack of relevant information: Frontline workers may struggle to access the data or resources they need to perform their tasks, especially when working in remote or dynamic environments. They may also have to deal with outdated or inaccurate information that affects their decision-making and quality of work. • Lack of motivation: Frontline workers may feel undervalued or unappreciated by their employers, which can lead to low morale, high turnover, and poor performance. They may also lack opportunities for learning and growth, which can limit their career prospects and potential.

To address these issues, Beyondsoft offers a range of digital solutions that can help frontline workers communicate, collaborate, learn, and grow in their roles. These solutions include:

• Microsoft Teams: A platform that enables frontline workers to share information, chat, make calls, and join meetings from any device. Teams also provides features such as Shifts, Walkie Talkie, and Virtual Visits to help frontline workers manage their schedules, connect with colleagues and customers, and automate tasks. • Microsoft Power Platform: A set of low-code tools that enable frontline workers to create and use custom apps, workflows, chatbots, and dashboards. It can help automate repetitive or manual tasks, such as filling forms, sending notifications, or updating records and access real-time data and insights from various sources, such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, or third-party systems. • Microsoft Viva: An employee experience platform that provides frontline workers with a personalized dashboard for company news, resources, and conversations. Viva also offers learning content from various sources and recognition tools to help frontline workers upskill and feel valued.

But how do you innovate frontline workers in your organization? That's where we come in. We are a team of experts who can help you deploy Microsoft solutions in a fast and efficient way. We can help you:

• Enable solutions that deliver proper training and support workers to learn how to use new tools and applications. • Deploy technology that enables workers to share information, chat, make calls, and join meetings from any device. • Build custom applications that automate processes, generate workflow approvals, integrate with company data for real-time data and insights. • Leverage AI to increase safety and well-being with sensors, wearables, or alerts, that can monitor and protect health and environmental conditions. • Offer workers with solutions that provides them with real-time data and access to company news, resources, and conversations. • Build an experience where frontline workers feel recognized, rewarded, and empowered.

With our services, you can benefit from:

• Saving time and resources by leveraging our experience and best practices. • Reducing risks and errors by ensuring a smooth and secure deployment. • Increasing value and insights by optimizing an adoption strategy. • Enhancing trust and collaboration by empowering your frontline work force.

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