BPCThaiLocalize - 1Month Implementation

Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd.

To simplify Tax localization, to comply with Thai Tax Revenue and the auditor, also to get along with Thai accounting practice

Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd. provides the tax localization which was embedded with Dynamics 365. With BPC-Tax Localization, all customers do business based on international standards and local practices. The BPC Thai Tax Localize fully supports Thai Tax Revenue, Thai accounting system, and auditor’s requirements. It is embedded in Dynamics 365 and easy to use. BPC Thai Tax Localize complies with Thai Tax Revenue and eTax. All required document and report are provided: Functions & Features

  1. Sales VAT table
  2. Purchase VAT table
  3. AR Billing
  4. Withholding Tax Table
  5. Multi Sales order sequence
  6. W/H 3,53 Text File Documents
  7. Sales Billing Document - BPC format
  8. Sales Tax Invoice - Client Format
  9. Sales Debit note voucher - Client format
  10. Sales Credit note voucher - Client format
  11. Purchase Order - Client format
  12. W/H Tax 50 Thai Document - BCPformat
  13. Journal Voucher - BPC format
  14. Payment voucher - BPC format
  15. Receipt Voucher - BPC format
  16. Receipt Note - BPC format Reports
  17. Sales VAT Report - BPC format
  18. Purchase VAT Report - BPC format
  19. Por Ngor Dor 3 - BPC format
  20. Por Ngor Dor 53 - BPC format
  21. Stock card – Show cost – Details - BPC format
  22. Stock card – Show cost – Summary - BPC format Remark: Customized Form/Report Free 1 Format / 1 Company. Dynamics 365 Finance is launching the general availability of subscription billing to ensure organizations can thrive in a service-based economy. We are enabling our customers to maximize financial visibility and profitability by bringing intelligent automation around vendor invoicing, financial close through ledger settlements, and year-end close services. In addition, we are releasing to market the preview of Tax Audit and Reporting Service. Lastly, we continue to enhance our globalization offerings in Globalization Studio such as Tax Calculation and Electronic Invoicing. With Globalization Studio, these low-code globalization services and their multi-country content will be available to any first and third-party app and extended with prebuilt ISV connectors. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operation builds finance and business operation agility. With Dynamics 365 benefits: • Companies adapt faster to avoid disruptions, essentially, they can improve performance by connecting data and automating tasks. • Companies enable workforce transformation. They can manage demand changing while balancing cost reduction and delivering compelling benefits. We provide not only BPC Thai Tax Localization, which was embedded with Dynamics 365, but other Microsoft platforms. We ensure our customers that data must be high secured with Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Business Defender. We help them manage database through SQL ability, which support a huge size of database, fast query and process, stable, as well. We optimize and implement to facilitate customers to do business with the Microsoft single platform and single contact point. Most important, we adopt PowerApp, PowerAutomation, PowerBI to develop the unique and core business requirements for each customer, also, each business, then they can run business differently from their competitors. Bhatara Progress Co., Ltd. is ready to implement Thai Tax Localize which will take for a month or base on scope of work.

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