Power BI for Executives: 1-Hr Briefing

Blue Margin

Briefing for Executives on how to digitally transform your company with Power BI.

An engagement tailored to CEOs and IT managers, this briefing reviews your current data and reporting strategy to identify how you can best leverage Power BI to your advantage.


The fastest way to improve efficiency and profitability in your organization is to empower everyone, from the CEO down, with real-time visual analytics showing progress against goals.

In this briefing, Blue Margin (Gold Partner in Data Analytics and Data Platform) will review your current data ecosystem and reporting practices, and outline a roadmap for creating “The Dashboard Effect” at your company. The Dashboard Effect puts performance metrics at top-of-mind throughout an organization and keeps everyone focused on what most impacts profitability.


  • 1-hour briefing, all virtual/web-based meetings
  • Recommended best practices for leveraging your data to improve operations and profitability.

Target Audience: CEOs, Senior Managers, IT Managers

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