‘Just an Assist’ Bus Central: 3-Day Implementation

Boyer & Associates

If your highly skilled team just needs a little help implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, this is the solution for you. Let our experienced ERP implementation team assist yours.

This service is provided for organizations with highly skilled staff. It provides the support of a reward-winning consultancy to take full advantage of both the skill set of your staff and the experience of our firm, providing a lower-cost implementation utilizing best practices.


  • Includes implementation of GL, AP and AR modules as well as NA Bank Reconciliation (no ACH)
  • Includes out-of-the-box functionality only (no customizations)
  • Customer assumes all data migration activities (GL history, customers, vendors, etc.)
  • Customer assumes all UAT activities


  • 13 hours of implementation assistance for the above-mentioned modules
  • 4 hours of meetings. This can be broken up into several meetings or one, depending on the preferences of the client
  • 4 hours of remedial training. Agenda to be determined by the client. Client will use training videos and Business Central’s built-in “help” features to self-teach, after which they may provide a list of items requiring further verification from Boyer. This includes data migration training.
  • 4 hours Go Live assistance for Bank Initialize and Open AP/Open AR
  • BONUS: Includes the Boyer & Associates Extension Pack (to be quoted accordingly)

Customer accepts the Extended Boyer Support plan ($300/month) at the end of the implementation project. The Extended Boyer Support Plan includes the following:

  • Project close-out call for main project
  • 2-hour discovery/next steps meeting with consultant. Next steps then become mini-projects quoted accordingly (as needed). Includes setting up demo for add-ons.
  • Project Health Check activities

Please note that pricing is estimated and may vary slightly depending on complexity of implementation requirements.

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