Collaboration Strategy 5-day Workshop

Breakpoint Technology

Breakpoint's Collaboration Strategy shows an organization how to get the most value from the Microsoft 365 platform to support its collaboration scenarios and successfully deploy to stakeholders.

Breakpoint Technology will lead your team through a workshop to understand and shape a collaboration strategy that supports the most important parts of the business and the recommended path to complete the strategy. The priority collaboration scenarios will be documented and Breakpoint will show the recommended implementation techniques through a hands on envisioning workshop. Governance, adoption, training, and change management recommendations will be provided. Day 1 Collaboration Roadmap Up to 8 hours will be spent interviewing your key collaboration stakeholder to identify the priority collaboration use cases. A 3-5-page document summarizing the use cases and the recommended implementation of Microsoft 365 services will be provided as a deliverable. Day 2 Envisioning Workshop The Envisioning Workshop is a 4-hour facilitated hands-on session to see examples of how the priority collaboration uses cases can be implemented in the Microsoft 365 environment. Breakpoint will guide your team through a prepopulated Microsoft 365 environment to explore the features that will provide the most value for your organization. Day 3 Governance Plan A Governance Plan document will be created during a facilitated session to define the governance model for Microsoft 365 Groups that fits your organizations culture and requirements. This session will last up to 2 hours and results in a summary document capturing the governance decisions agreed for Office 365 Groups. Day 4 Migration Breakpoint Technology will spend up to 4 hours reviewing content for migration and provide a plan for migrating the content to Microsoft 365 and create a plan.

Change Management and Adoption Plan Breakpoint will work with your leadership to create a plan for change that fits your organization’s culture. The deliverables are a 2-4-page plan. This also includes deployment of the Microsoft Learning Pathways SharePoint site collection to your Microsoft 365 tenant. Day 5 Review

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