Project Rescue for Dynamics 365 Business Central: 2-Hr Assessment

Calsoft Systems

A free project rescue assessment where Calsoft's experienced ERP consultants meet with your project leaders, resulting in an actionable recovery plan to complete your project successfully.

Your ERP project may have started off strong, but somewhere along the way, things went wrong. When clients approach Calsoft for a rescue project, these projects failed because the existing partner designed a solution that didn’t meet their expectations.

Calsoft’s Project Rescue Assessment will ensure:

  • Your industry norms align with Dynamics 365 Business Central's operational and financial solutions
  • Management & project members communicate well and agree on priorities

Our experienced consultants swiftly identify the root cause of your struggling project to get you back on track for a successful solution. Calsoft has completed 40+ rescue projects with 100% success rate. We can assess a project at any stage of a failing implementation.

Our Process:

  1. Gather Key Data: Internal review of your existing documents to get an overview
  2. Interview (2 hrs): Interview of your project members based on your recovery focus areas.
  3. Solution Review: Functional and accounting requirements can be two sides of the same coin – having contradicting needs from the system. Calsoft will guide you on these points so you can prioritize your requirements based on your business goals
  4. Structure Review: With your management’s input, Calsoft will analyze, align and prioritize goals across your different teams.
  5. (Optional) Management Review: We review your Business Central reports and advise on how your reports can reflect the data your management needs, such as KPIs and industry metrics.


  • High-level project recovery plan
  • List of key issues
  • Industry and solution gap review

About Calsoft Systems:

  • Microsoft-focused expertise for 25+ years. 300+ ERP projects. 95+% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Dynamics 365 Gold Partner. Microsoft US Partner Award Winner for Business Central.

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