Customer Insights Pilot: 3-Week Implementation

Catapult Systems, LLC

A pilot of Customer Insights, leveraging your customer data to achieve a holistic customer view across multiple systems and enable more impactful, actionable insights.

If your organization is hesitating at the uncertainties of your cloud journey, Catapult's Customer Insights Pilot will demonstrate the art of the possible and provide a path forward at a known cost. A Customer Insights Pilot engagement will provide a quick and low-friction way to see your vision in action, build an informed roadmap, and gather data to advise budget and assumptions. Additionally, you will have a working pilot that may be leveraged in post-pilot engagements. A typical pilot engagement accelerates your custom solution to the proof-of-concept level within four weeks.

Upon conclusion of the Catapult Customer Insights Pilot Engagement, you will have a compelling pilot that will make you confident your custom solution is both achievable and demystified, that Catapult can deliver the custom solution in a competent and efficient manner, and that Catapult is the perfect Partner for additional scopes of work.

Sample Customer Insights Pilot Engagement

Week 1: Vision Vision design session: a one-day business design session to prioritize needs and outcomes for the pilot engagement

  • Pick data source proof points: what are we building? Why is it important to test this idea or answer these questions?
  • Schedule review meeting
  • Week 2: Conduct Customer Insights Pilot delivery work

  • Iterate on data and insights per the proof points
  • Add questions and ideas to the backlog
  • Demonstrate delivered pilot
  • Document technical and architectural findings
  • Start on release plan proposal
  • Week 3: Wrap up pilot delivery work and present release plan

  • Update release plan based on Customer Insights Pilot outcomes
  • Archive technical assets from the pilot environment
  • Finalize release plan proposal
  • Review next steps for AI and Machine Learning for more insights
  • Prepare and give executive presentation
  • Hiter pregled