Entra ID: 5-day Assessment


Protect identities in Microsoft 365 by hardening your Entra ID configuration as a result of this 5-day identity and authentication assessment

Is your organization properly securing the identities in Entra ID and protecting against malicious attacks of Microsoft 365? Are there features of the Entra ID premium licensing suite you have not implemented but would like to ensure you are getting the full value of your investment of Microsoft 365? In this engagement, CDI's senior technical consultants will leverage their years of field experience to validate your Entra ID deployment configuration and provide recommendations on any necessary improvements. Solutions of Entra ID such as multifactor authentication, self-service password reset, device compliance, password protection technologies and more will be reviewed and addressed.

Assessment will be performed on the following areas of Entra ID: *Identity Synchronization & Authentication from on-premises Active Directory *Administrators & Role-Based Access Control *Modern Authentication Methods *Conditional Access Policies *Inter-tenant collaboration settings *Multifactor Authentication & Self-Service Password Reset *Entra ID Password Protection Deployments *Entra ID Application Proxy Deployments *Entra Identity Protection *Enterprise Applications *SIEM Integrations
*Microsoft Secure Score Review *Licensing

A final Customer Workshop to review the assessment findings document and discuss recommended actions will be held at the completion of the assessment.

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