Baseline Configuration for Microsoft Teams: 1-Wk Engagement


Set basic Microsoft Teams configurations that reduce shadow IT and set a solid foundation for Microsoft Teams usage within the organization.

The CDI Microsoft Teams baseline is a series of configurations meant to provide organizations with a solid foundation within Microsoft Teams. This allows organizations to improve adoption and usage of the platform in a mature way that reduces common security concerns.

Configurations performed reduce potential shadow IT within an organization and helps to protect user privacy. These configurations also give organizations control over Teams applications and templates available to their users which allow organizations to standardize their toolset and prevents the possibility of risky application usage through Microsoft teams without required approval:

Configurations Include:

  • Teams App Store Customization
  • Teams Global Meeting Policy
  • Block of all non-Microsoft Teams applications (Require applications be requested)
  • Creation of 2 Teams templates
  • Removal of irrelevant Teams Templates
  • Configure of Live Events Global Policy
  • Customize Teams pinned applications
  • Configure App Submission alerts
  • Set calling encryption policies
  • Configuration of default conference bridge

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