Improve Digital Employee Experience with ControlUp Edge DX


Improve Digital Employee Experience: 3 Week Implementation of ControlUp EdgeDX

A positive experience with an organization's technology solutions is a crucial metric for employee retention. Without the right tools in place, an employee's experience is judged purely based on subjective feedback, i.e., “my computer is so slow” or “I have constant problems with Microsoft Teams”.

DEX platform tools collect and measure key metrics on applications and devices that can lead to a poor or great user experience. Data from DEX solutions can be used to track and trend improvements to the environment providing qualitative data to reinforce financial investments in technology solutions and staffing . DEX tools also give IT support granular visibility into performance issues on endpoints which is otherwise unavailable with most mainstream endpoint management tools.

ControlUp Edge DX is designed to extend and enhance the capabilities of management tools like Microsoft Intune. In this three-week implementation offering, AHEAD resources will work with the Customer to implement the ControlUp Edge DX platform for pilot devices. In addition to deployment services, platform training will be offered to the Customers stakeholders to ensure a seamless transition of ownership. Integration of Edge DX and Microsoft Intune will be demonstrated with the ControlUp Enrich browser extension.

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