Intranet Modernization Workshop


Accelerate and Improve Digital Organizational transformation by building or improving communications and daily workflow of end users.

The CDI Intranet Modernization Workshop reviews any current intranet that is currently in place at an organization.

Following this review CDI provides an art of the possible demonstration to provide project stakeholders an understanding of how SharePoint online, Teams, Viva and the Power Platform can be utilized together to build an intelligent intranet that improves the employee experience and business outcomes.

CDI and Stakeholders then review what an "optimal" intranet would provide them and their organization. Existing tools in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem are then used to collect and generate additional feedback from employees and business leaders. This feedback is reviewed in depth and prioritized based on organizational needs, impact, and time to execution.

CDI ends the workshop by documenting all findings, generating a strategic roadmap for implementation of the new intranet, and performing additional Q&A sessions to ensure full understanding of results identified.

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