Microsoft 365 Security Assessment


CDW’s Microsoft 365 Security Assessments allows us to give you real insight into your current environment and create a roadmap with you to meet your security goals.

CDW’s Microsoft 365 Security Assessment provides multiple actions to help orchestrate the right solution to ensure you receive the most value from Microsoft’s security features, are knowledgeable on best practices around deployment, management, and integrations, can identify risks and the features to mitigate them and insight on how to secure your business-critical applications, data, devices and users. Our assessment includes the following benefits:

  • Assessment of your EMS and Office 365 security features
  • Review organizational and technical requirements for these security features
  • We help you to understand and identify security features to reduce exposure to data and users
  • Establish a roadmap to implement security features to enhance your security We build the best solution for you after assessing your current solution. Let CDW’s experts help you ensure you data, applications and environment are protected.

Our solutions are scoped based on conversations with you, the customer, to make sure you are getting the solution you need. Based on this, the price and duration of an engagement can vary.

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