Mail Migration to Microsoft 365 2 wks implement


It doesn’t matter where the email service is now, this service might be migrate to Microsoft platform completely or partially

Our professional services: The professional services offered by Ceico are performed by engineers with extensive experience in email migration. With Microsoft certifications that certify their technology management capabilities and the implementation of best practices to ensure the proper functioning of the platform and decrease inoperability risks due to incidents. Methodology: 1.- Initial Interview: First session about knowledge of the environment to be migrated a survey of needs of the company 2.- Analyze Phase: Our specialists analyze the information we collect during the first interview to see the big picture of the entire email environment. 3.- Sizing Phase: At this stage, the scope of the activities that need to be developed to be able to migrate the emails to Microsoft 365 are carried out. The people who will participate, the start and end times, identified risks, maintenance windows and a roll back plan are defined at this stage. 4.- Implementation: Once the plan, sizing and scope were approved ceico starts the implementation 5.- End of project: Once the migration is finished. The Project and documentation are delivered to the organization and the IT department. Email services can be migrated from the current services in your organization to a Microsoft 365 email. Where you can enjoy the Microsoft email services. Link and synchronize different devices to one account. The most common scenarios are:

  1. Migrate from Microsoft Exchange on prem to Microsoft 365
  2. Migrate from a public hosting to Microsoft 365.
  3. Migrate from Google email to Microsoft 365. Deliverables: All the Activities that ceico made Will be reflected in a technical memory file that includes all the relevant details of the implementation and the final settings in addition, a knowledge transfer is made that talks about the A, B, C of the management of the console in Microsoft 365.

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