Office 365/Azure Cloud Foundation Assessment: 4-Wk Engagement

CloudScale International

This assessment will provide guidance and pricing regarding migration/consolidation of Office 365 and Azure Cloud environments

CloudScale's Cloud Foundation Assessment is designed to guide you through your migration/consolidation initiatives around Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. This assessment deliverable includes a multi-page migration roadmap and recommendations that will help executive leadership identify potential technical and business constraints, migration approach scenarios, caveats that can impact end users and access to current workloads. This will help facilitate your enterprise move to Office 365 and Microsoft Azure or your move to consolidate Office 365 and Azure environments.

The deliverable also includes a high-level timeline and rough order of magnitude.

Our team will spend 4 weeks conducting interviews and discovery with all business stakeholders and technical resources to find out:

Where are you today?​ Map out the future environment (Destination Environment in Office 365/Azure) Establish desired configuration state and shared services model​

Where are you moving this from?​ Map out current environment (Source Environment: Microsoft Office 365/Azure or otherwise) Calculate approximate content and user count​ Review applicable migration tools and approach

At the end of the engagement (4 weeks), our team will present the 100+ page deliverable document clearly explaining migration approach and recommendations prior to handing over the deliverable document.

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