Carbon Emissions Analysis : 2-Wk Implementation

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Effectively visualize, analyze and communicate your company's CO2 (carbon dioxide), NO2 (nitrous oxide) and CH4 (methane) emission reductions using Microsoft Power BI.

Reducing emissions of carbon dioxide — a pollutant that stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years — is essential to stabilizing our world's environment. Excessive CO2 emissions cause global warming, increasing sea levels, changing precipitation patterns, and destroying world ecosystems.

This climate change is a material risk to the business, leading more companies and investors to measure, monitor, and analyze their carbon emissions. This data can help companies identify and reduce waste and inefficiency in operations and supply chains; it can also help investors understand the climate-related risks in their portfolios — and pivot to more sustainable investments.

The Emissions analysis dashboard solution gives you a one-stop location to see the state of your emission controls.

This runs on your infrastructure using your data

If you lead emissions control (Carbon Neutral) and other environmental efforts in your company and/or drive compliance with easy to interpret visuals and analysis.


The report will pinpoint:

  • Which locations/facilities are showing improvements year on year
  • Understand where your pollution exposure lies and what causes it
  • What and where are the areas for improvements


The estimated cost for implementation of the dashboard is $10,000. This is based on the assumption of your data already defined and available in a defined data model. The costs can vary based on the availability and coherence of the data.

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