ESG sustainability scorecard reporting: 3-Wk Proof of Concept

Clouds On Mars

Effectively visualize, analyze and communicate your company's ESG strategy using Microsoft Power BI.

Cloud On Mars combines great technical (BI) expertise with sustainability knowledge – we focus on True Sustainability based on data.

We put emphasis on ESG Reporting and Analytics: ESG Data integration and automation, ESG dashboards and operational reporting, and integration with external tools and applications.

We help clients:

• Find the most effective way to drive sustainability together with winning on the market.

• Build a measurable dependency between financial investment and the results the company gets.

• Create forecast and budget based on data from multiple areas: Sales, Shipments, Marketing, HR, Finance and Accounting, and others.

ESG reporting on your infrastructure using your data. Azure Data Services are used to integrate tools and applications. Power BI is used to create reports and dashboards.

Our own experience shows that sustainability is not the cost for an organization but an element of building company value and success. Among others, the most often considered benefits of acting right are:

• Reducing business costs - „greening” your business takes an initial investment, but, over time, you will save money by prioritizing sustainability. According to McKinsey businesses were integrating sustainable practices to improve operational efficiency and cut costs, resulting in a 19% increase from the previous year.

• Improving reputation – people view sustainability as a plus, and companies with green values are eager to highlight them because of that fact. You can use this to your advantage when marketing your business and developing your brand identity.

• Providing competitive advantage - S&P 500 companies with sustainability implemented into their strategy perform better than those that do not. They see an 18% higher ROI because they are managing and planning for climate change.

• Increasing bottom line - You can earn more money and boost your bottom line by making your business more sustainable. Reduced business costs, more innovative strategies, an improved reputation, and more new customers who value sustainability all work to increase the amount of money sustainable businesses earn.

###Pricing The estimated cost for the implementation of the dashboard is $15,000. This is based on the assumption of your data is already defined and available in a defined data model. The costs can vary based on the availability and coherence of the data.

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