Not for Profit Catalyst 1 day workshop


Enabling Business Transformation through Catalyst

Technology is easy to change, people are difficult. For an organisation to ‘transform’ they must take into account the desirability and drivers for change in the organisation. There is a 9x higher return from initiatives that consider the desirability of a solution versus viability and feasibility alone. Catalyst is a methodology used by Kerv and Microsoft to help set your programme up for success.

We encourage any organisation large or small to look at Catalyst as a way to move forward with transformation, regardless of if you engaged on your Dynamics 365 journey already or just starting out and still deciding on what platform to procure. Kerv Digitals one day Catalyst Workshop is a great way to start, here is some reasons why:

  • Transforms your approach to problem solving, allowing you to determine the root cause
  • Increases collaborative brainstorming, user adoption and prototype design -Helps you build deeper relationships across departments
  • Reduces risk for new ideas and project changes
  • Ensures that any transformation meets the objectives and client requirements

During the workshop, we will work to help you see the benefits of why engage on Catalyst. To get the most out of the engagement we encourage you to engage on the 4 week programme.

During the workshop we will:

  • Agree and Commit: Understand how catalyst is set up, what the expectations are of you and what to expect at the end of the journey
  • Prepare for change: Ask key questions of the delivery team, start thinking about what inputs you might want to give
  • Realize business transformation: Agree key stakeholders for upcoming following meetings, who want to be involved, and commit to arriving at the sessions ready to participate, collaborate and achieve success.

Start your Transformation today with Kerv Digitals Catalyst or inject the boost it needs to get over business hurdles.

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