Nonprofit Data Migration 2 Day Assessment Workshop


The Workshop allows your charity to make an informed decision on how to best migrate your data

Data can be the most valuable asset a nonprofit holds. From information on donor history, to volunteer skillsets it can be incredibly worrying for charities to commit to moving systems due to fear of data loss, corruption or misalignment of critical support information against the wrong records.

Kerv Digital have performed some of the largest data migrations into Azure, Dynamics and Power Platform and are experts in aligning existing nonprofit systems such as First Class, Raisers Edge, ThankQ, Assemble, ALMS and others to the Microsoft Common Data Model.

In this 2-day workshop, we will spend day one understanding your charities data estate, ambitions for the future and mapping out these requirements and existing integrations for collective buy-in to the process. Following this, our Data Engineers and Data Scientists will provide consultancy on which areas of the Dataverse & Power Platform can offer the most value quickly. As well as help you make the right decisions to unleash the potential of your existing data. This could be tips like how to quickly automating data capture about donors via Power Automate, using Quick Capture forms in Dynamics Marketing to rapidly pull volunteer data from your website into your CRM all the way to minimizing time and resource costs by reducing the scope of migration due to duplicate or unwanted fields.

Once we have built and mapped an understanding of your existing data maturity, your in-house skills and resources to collaborate on the project, where there are critical dependencies and integration requirements we will then present back our findings through a Data Strategy Presentation. This will be delivered by a Data expert with a thorough understanding of the Nonprofit sector, and common challenges. This will enable you to make an informed decision on how best to move forward with a data migration, how much you should rely on a partner, and a rough order of magnitude cost estimate based on a data mapping table that we will also provide.

During the sessions we will:

  • Educate and Agree: Understand how your data estate is currently set up, what your current pain point are; what the expectations are of you, the art-of-possible and what to expect at the end of the journey with
  • Prepare for change: Ask key questions of the data team, start thinking about what the volume of records and fields
  • Present data migration strategy: We will deliver a detailed, bespoke strategy to your nonprofit, that incorporates your ambition, long-term plan and a rough cost estimate to migrate and modernise your existing data into Azure.

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