Good Practice Adoption 1 Day Workshop

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Implementing new digital tools is achieved when the employees of a company are choosing and using the tools as a natural part of their workday.

Good practice adoption of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva


  • The possibilities with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva
  • What are Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva and when to use what and why
  • How to organize your team and prepare them for tomorrow, with the tools you already have, or are planning to implement
  • How to pick some low hanging fruits, get started today


  • Fragmented
  • Culture “how we do things round here”
  • Learning and adoption of new tools
  • Digital competency
  • Use of digital tools and shadow IT
  • Structure of content and where to work with documents and other content
  • New tools not adopted properly or not clear purpose
  • Too many channels of collaboration and communications


  • See the possibilities with Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Viva
  • What to think about when implementing a new collaboration and/or communication solution:
  • Technology choices
  • People and digital competency
  • Ownership and management
  • Infrastructure and legacy
  • How to build a culture of sharing
  • How to work with and plan for continuously changing technology

OUTCOME By the end of this Workshop, you will have:

  • Recommendations of what to use when and why of the Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva tools
  • A roadmap for next steps for
  • Technology choices, infrastructure and structure
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Training and competencies
  • Where to start and run adoption in the organization


  • Book an assessment (Assessing: Culture, Tech adoption, Potential for improved productivity)
  • Book a Proof of Concept or pilot (resulting in Business Case)
  • Book a Project (implementing solutions)
  • Or book a combination
  • Workshops
  • Assessments
  • Proof of concepts/Pilots
  • Projects

The next steps options are described in a separate service offer. Terms, conditions, and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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