Microsoft Viva Engage 1 Day Workshop

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Yammer is engaged to amplify connections

Elevating Employee Engagement Workshop Internal Communicators have much to unwrap in a gift of excellent tools designed to simplify and elevate employee engagement and make your role as an IC professional a little easier. Discover Viva Engage, Amplify, and Connections, fully integrated modules on Microsoft Teams, with no additional cost to the business.


  • Microsoft Viva Engage, with Yammer, features for employees and leaders to share their stories and views effortlessly across your company in a trusted network.
  • Microsoft Viva Amplify, a News publishing and scheduling dashboard for SharePoint, Yammer, Microsoft Teams, or Outlook with analytics.
  • Microsoft Viva Connections, an intranet where Communicators can have confidence that the company News and resources are published from one version of the truth and reached on the employee’s device of choice, which is securely governed and compliant.
  • Microsoft Teams, top tips for Communicators.
  • Backend Administration, a high-level overview between Viva Engage and Microsoft 365 Workloads, deployment of Microsoft Viva Engage app, security and privacy protocols.

The better employees understand what is expected of them, the more likely they will stay happy, motivated, and committed to your company’s mission and vision. In this workshop we will share experiences and know-how to nurture an enjoyable culture and improve productivity.

AUDIENCE This workshop aims for internal communicators, decision-makers, implementers, and influencers to discover simple adoption and change management steps they can take to improve employee engagement, experience, and thrive!

AFTER THE WORKSHOP This workshop provides a deeper understanding of your company's cultural transformation alongside digital transformation as part of the employee experience in a hybrid workplace with simple change strategies, tactics, and a guide to the technical features and applications on Yammer, now reimagined in Microsoft Viva Engage, Microsoft Viva Connections, and Microsoft Teams to enable people to feel trusted and empowered to share news and views in the flow of their work. You will have best practices for using the right employee engagement channel to reach your intended target audiences, fostering an excellent employee experience.

CLOUDWAY EXPERTS LEAD THE WAY CloudWay workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and taught leaders) in the Microsoft 365 area, with years of experience deploying and leading these technologies.

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