Power Platform Governance: 1-week set up & learning

Columbus Global

Efficiently balance governance and innovations for Microsoft Power Platform

Ensuring compliance with new regulations and effectively managing the lifecycle of Low-Code / No-Code projects poses new challenges for your organization. We are here to guide you through these challenges and provide solutions to ensure smooth and flawless operations.

The offer

"Power Platform Governance: 1-week set up & learning” Offer is A one-week delivery with multiple workshops that will help your team to:

  • Get an introduction to Power Platform and Governance;
  • Enable one-time Power Platform CoE and Governance setup;
  • Learn how to ensure Power Platform accelerates your digital journey.
  • Facts in short

    The workshop can be delivered globally both virtually & onsite, it lasts approximately one week and requires the involvement of your business users, developers, and IT professionals. Note that business roles don't need to have IT knowledge to gain value from this offering. Managers gain knowledge about what has been created on their watch. IT Professionals have a list of users, applications, security, and governance concerns to address. Users and Developers get insights into their projects and a better understanding of the Platform’s capabilities. Different personas will be invited for different stages as per the agreement.

    Offering in details

    Stage 1.Understanding your needs: analysis and pre-work meeting/call;

    Stage 2.Introduction to Power Platform and Governance: app in a day training (on demand);

    Stage 3.Power Platform Governance set up: Power Platform admin training, CoE tool kit installation with customer’s administrator;

    Stage 4.Learning and training: self-learning plan, CoE governance strategy, citizen developer best practices and developer guidelines, ALM strategy;

    Stage 5.Discussion: Q&A and possible next steps.

    What you get as the result

  • Learn everything you wanted to know about Power Platform and its capabilities;
  • Ensure rapid digitalization by enabling citizen developers;
  • Enable governance and change management strategy to avoid shadow IT;
  • Learn how to ensure data integrity and compliance;
  • Learn how to manage Power Platform environments, maintain and share the apps securely;
  • Get guidance from our experts, discuss next steps, and build an action plan.
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