Custom Performance Analytics Design: 3-Hour Assessment

Continual Data Solutions, Inc.

Design Assessment for Custom Power BI Performance Analytics for Dynamics 365 Business Central to Extend Operational Excellence

If your business is looking to develop custom performance analytics to drive more business success, then this offer will be invaluable to you.

We have developed an integrated data model for operational and financial data that opens a new world of possibilities to manage and run business. The REACTR (REsource ACtivity TRacker) data model uses both Microsoft integration and business intelligence technology and management accounting best practices to develop new insights for business managers. As an example, please refer to our Cash Flow Assistant for Dynamics 365 Business Central also available on the Microsoft AppSource.

To find out more about our REACTR data model, please visit

With this offer, we will review custom design requirements and provide best-of-class options to develop the performance analytics from Dynamics 365 Business Central into Power BI. Here are the key deliverables:

  1. Review Data Requirements.
  2. Review API Requirements (Custom or Delivered).
  3. Review Data Model Design Best Practices.
  4. Review Power BI UX/UI Design Best Practices.
  5. Highlight Key Technical Issues for Implementation.
    Based on the assessment, you will have a good understanding of the amount of work required to build the custom performance analytics between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Power BI.

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