Nulia Works: 9-day Microsoft 365 Proof of Concept


Nulia Works amends Microsoft 365 challenges and lets users unlock its full potential.

Microsoft 365 offers a complete and intelligent modern workplace solution designed to increase business performance. Despite covering the entire productivity base, it is reported that 50% of digital productivity tools are not used and despite the usual training and workshops available, 75% of them disclosed that they didn’t work for them.

Instead of fixating on the solution itself, Nulia Works focuses on users’ behavior instead.

This Digital Enablement platform aims for long-lasting impacts and provides a fresh take on driving digital skills development through a sustainable user-focused system of customized guidance, recognizing progress, and real usage measurement.

Nulia Works helps users to adopt Microsoft 365 by boosting their confidence. It stands out from traditional solutions because it works on the users’ behavior by enabling them to continuously achieve, maintain, and utilize digital skills. Its functions and features transcend across a wide range of roles, applications, and departments, making it fitting for various industries, organizational sizes, and locations.

Empower your business with the digital skills you need to unlock the value of Microsoft 365 and realize its potential, from anywhere. Seventeen packages are available to accommodate businesses’ needs and goals. One of which is the Nulia Basic for those with 1000+ employees.

The package includes:

-30 Hours Planning

-20 Hours Installation

-40 Hours of Emails and Teams Posts

-30 Hours of Teams Calls

-25 (Could Vary) Hours of Assigning Outcomes

-30 Hours Case Study

-40 Hours of Dedicated Project Manager

There are optional services that are included in this package, which includes:

-8 Hour Wrap Up

-12 Hours of Posting Badges

Increase your overall Microsoft 365 tool usage by empowering your users by scheduling a demo today.

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