Power Platform: 2-Day online workshop

Elitmind SP

Introduction to Microsoft Power Platform. You will learn how to build low-code applications, analyze real-time business dashboards, act on data insights, and automate your workflows.

Why Elitmind Academy?

• We advise on how to meet specific business and technical challenges • Our trainers are experienced practitioners and substantive experts in the areas of Data & AI • We offer an independent educational platform for on-line and on-demand learning

About Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform is a group of products offered by Microsoft to develop and build complex business solutions, analyze, and draw data visualizations, automate a business process, or build virtual agents for communication. • Power Automate: Increase your efficiency, automate workflows, systems and processes in the company through a drag-and-drop tool • Power Apps: Turn ideas into solutions by enabling all users to build tailor-made low-code and rich applications • Power BI: Make accurate business decisions by sharing the results of detailed data analysis with all users • Power Virtual Agents: provide automatic bots in order to reply to frequently recurring problems and question of employees and customers as well.

Workshop agenda

The engagement is provided as 2-day online or classroom workshop with following agenda:

DAY 1: Introduction

o Introduction to Business Intelligence o Introduction to Power Platform o Examples and capabilities o Management and configuration o Data and access security

DAY 1: Power BI

o Introduction to Microsoft Power BI o Data preparation o Data modeling o Introduction to DAX o Data exploration o Data visualization o Navigation between reports

DAY 2: Power Apps

o Introduction to Microsoft Power Apps o Understand PowerApps Components o Building PowerApps o Customize PowerApps using the automated wizards o Connect to a variety of data sources o Canvas apps vs model-driven apps

DAY 2: Power Automate o Introduction to Microsoft Power Automate o Creating and Automating business process o Managing Approval o Integrating PowerApps with Power automate o Connecting to a variety of data sources

DAY 2: Power Virtual Agents

o Introduction to Power Virtual Agents o Building first chatbots o Testing and analyzing chatbots o Publishing chatbots

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