CI for Manufacturers: 4-Wk Proof of Concept


A proof of concept for manufacturers, customized for your business scenario that uses your CRM, ERP, and Marketing Automation data to deliver data-driven actionable insights.

In just 4 weeks, we connect Customer Insights to Power BI, analyze customer profiles for anomalies & trends that can be actioned to improve your business, and increase your ability to perform self-service analytics working from a common data source. (H1)

Through data science and deep industry experience, eLogic turns on the power of Customer Insights for manufacturers, who often face streams of disparate, complex data. 4-week POC Overview:

Incorporate Customer and Market Data: - Define your top business scenario for POC (e.g. regional price optimization, asset resource scheduling efficiencies, advanced AI-based customer segmentation). - Connect 2-3 of your data sets with Customer Insights.

Build Powerful Customer Profiles: - Host your data in Customer Insights - Map your data to Microsoft’s Common Data Service, blend it into a unified Customer Profile, and apply advanced data analytics + data science techniques to enrich your customer profiles

Reveal Meaningful Insights About Your Customers and Turn Insight into Action: - Illuminate insights about your defined business scenario by connecting Customer Insights to Power BI - Analyze customer profiles for anomalies & trends that can be actioned to improve your business - Enable self-service analytics, working from a common data source - Show how these insights can be pulled into your system of engagement, such as Dynamics 365

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