Monthly Consulting Service: Intranet Mentor

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The Intranet Mentor engagement had been designed to support organisations looking to optimise their SharePoint Online intranet and enhance their internal communication on an ongoing basis.

The Intranet Mentor engagement involves an experienced digital workplace consultant undertaking regular analysis of your SharePoint Online intranet content to provide you with practical and strategic guidance to support. Additionally, your dedicated intranet expert will provide you with guidance on analytics, helping you to make data-driven decisions and improve your internal communication strategies.

This engagement has 3 phases:

Phase 1: Intranet Roadmap Review

    During the initiation phase, your consultant will develop a SharePoint Online intranet roadmap with you. Reviewing the roadmap involves analysing the planned enhancements, upgrades, or new features to be implemented.

Phase 2: Mentoring & Guidance

    Our consultants will act as mentors and guides your intranet team, communications team, content authors or administrators. They will share best practices, industry insights, and their expertise in intranet management.

Phase 3: Analytics & Impact Assessment

    Keeping organisations updated on the latest features and enhancements in the intranet domain is crucial. Your consultants will proactively provide information about new features, emerging trends, and innovative practices for SharePoint Online intranet management.


The Intranet Mentor engagement offers three service tiers, Gold, Silver & Bronze, starting from all little as $3,181 AUD per month (ex GST).

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