Intranet User Research: 10/16-Wk Assessment

Engage Squared

The Intranet User Research engagement allows us to dive into your business priorities and uncover how your employees work, their pain points and needs for their SharePoint Online intranet

Running an in-depth discovery phase means that we can start from zero to fully understand the problem that your SharePoint Online intranet is trying to solve, so we can build a solution that directly addresses the challenges of all different users within your organisation, rather than implementing a generic solution which is just a fancy makeover of what already exists.

A lot of learning and research takes place during this phase and our consultants will provide technology agnostic recommendations.

This engagement has 3 phases:

Phase 1: Research

    We will facilitate a survey, focus groups, interviews and workshops to support development of personas, and gather context about current work practices and SharePoint Online intranet expectations.

Phase 2: Design

    Our consultants will take what we learn to design a high-level architecture, navigation and a detailed back log of user requirements. We know a picture paints a thousand words, and in this phase, we’ll create graphic designs of your SharePoint Online intranet homepage and key page.

Phase 3: Findings and Recommendations

    Highlighting key themes and findings, recommendations for key SharePoint Online intranet functional and non-functional requirements, and suggested roadmap activities..

Depending on your needs, we can complete this engagement from 10 - 16 weeks. We’ll work with you to develop a more detailed timeline, including mapping key stakeholders who we will need to engage as part of our project.

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