M365 Discovering Sensitive Data - 3 Day Workshop

Epiq Global

Discover risks from dark data and learn how to address them with Microsoft 365 Compliance and Epiq.

Data has a lifecycle from the minute it’s created or enters an organization to the minute it’s deleted or removed. Try as they might, organizations just can’t control all of their data all of the time. Epiq helps organizations systematically develop an accurate understanding of their data by enabling them to locate, secure, identify, and map it. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning in Microsoft 365, organizations can scale these processes to achieve a higher level of visibility and manageability while greatly reducing their risk. Some restrictions apply based on eligibility requirements.


Day 1

  1. Kickoff meeting to determine existing strategy and objectives
  2. Microsoft Compliance Overview
  3. Data Risk Check - Configuration and setup
  4. Data Protection Baseline Assessment

Day 2

  1. Prepare Data Risk Check log files and reports
  2. Analysis of Data Risk Check findings
  3. Decommission of Data Risk Check

Day 3

  1. Presentation of Data Risk Check findings
  2. Provide recommendations and next steps

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