Power BI & SharePoint List: 1-Wk Proof of Concept

EPM Strategy

An engagement that delivers Proof of Concept Power BI dashboard reports pulling data from SharePoint Lists.

If your organization has pieces of data throughout SharePoint, EPM Strategy can help you organize and report on that data in a series of dashboard reports.

For example, what if you have a SharePoint List of customer returns on your widget sales? How do you do analysis on that list? In SharePoint itself you can sort and maybe do some filters, but in Power BI we can bring that data to life with powerful visuals. And, those visuals will let you drill down into that data to see what is really happening.

In the attached screenshots you can see the difference that even simple reports from Power BI can make to a SharePoint List. In the first image (called "SharePoint List") you can see what a sample list of returns may look like. Just making that a simple sortable list in Power BI immediately allows you to interact with your data (called "Sortable list").

But, what if we make this a visual that makes it even easier to review? For example, a drill-down that starts at year level? (Called "Claims By Year"). Or by Quarter (called "Claims by Quarter"), and then by Month ("Claims by Month") or even by day (no image).

That drill-down example is by Claims by Date, but, think of the other ways you might want to see this data. For example, it could be by cost, or customer, or part type - and by date or not.

Whatever your SharePoint List data is, let EPM Strategy help you make it a visually rich data set that you can interact with and make decisions upon!


  • Pulling data from SharePoint Lists and Excel files
  • Creating manageable dashboards
  • Converting data into a more readable format
  • Setting up a methodology to analyze the data

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