PowerBI Analytics: 10-Day Proof of Concept


Connect your data to Power BI and develop reporting and analytics metrics that add value to your organization.

This proof of concept is designed to show how Power BI can be implemented to add value within your organization. Within 10 business days we will seek to connect your data to Power BI and create analytics metrics that begin to answer key business questions.

Expectations: The outcome of the proof of concept should result in a deliverable similar to the example Sales and Inventory report showcased within the offering. We will look to deliver a report consisting of 1-3 tabs and 1-3 unique datasets. The layout and theme within the report will be consistent with the branding posed by the client. Our intention is to display Power BI's capabilities as a centralized reporting and analytics service to better understand the data behind your organization.

As a prerequisite, the client must provide access to any data that is to be used in Power BI. This also includes any necessary credentials required to access data sources. The client must also be prepared to deliver at least 3 reporting metrics that they would like to see implemented into Power BI.

Here are some of the items that are not covered in the proof of concept. Any of these items can be discussed throughout the 10 day period but cannot be implemented/delivered within this timeframe.

  • Licensing
  • Report deployment
  • Row Level Security
  • User security within the Power BI online workspace
  • Data Gateway setup
  • Data validation

If you would like to speak to a member of FortisureIT directly, you can contact us at

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