CCPA CPRA: 6 - Wk Assessment

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Enable enterprises achieve CCPA & CPRA compliance through phased set of services ranging from in-depth gap assessment, technical remediation and continuous compliance services upgradation.

Enterprises are undergoing rapid digital transformation & automation with huge impact on data footprint which often leaves the PII data vulnerable & misuse which led to the need for stringent data privacy regulations like CCPA & CPRA. With effective implementation of wide variety Microsoft security solutions available – the core CCPA & CPRA principles of data privacy can be optimally achieved. These solutions cover the enterprise PII data lifecycle in entirety such as: M365 - Content Search, Core & Advanced eDiscovery, Microsoft Information Protection Sensitivity Labels & AIP labels that can be used to effectually discover, locate & classify personal data. Azure AD RBAC - Access Controls, Conditional Access Policies, Privileged Identity Management, Retention Labels that govern & manage personal data accessibility and usage. Microsoft 365 - Data Loss Prevention, DLP for Endpoint, Microsoft Defender like Defender for Office 365, Cloud Apps, Endpoint, Intune Protection Policies, Bitlocker Encryption, Office 365 Message Encryption that provide proactive security controls to protect sensitive data against threats, malwares, etc. & identify data breaches. Compliance manager can be leveraged to manage regulatory compliance activities along with Auditing and Alert Policies in the Security and Compliance Center. Enforcement of Insider Risk Management policies to minimize internal risks and DSR Case tool for DSR Response Management can be leveraged for continuous compliance to CCPA & CPRA. CCPA & CPRA Gap Assessment – 4-6 weeks

  • Assessing the current processes and technologies dealing with the PII data,
  • Identifying the gaps & risks and recommend measures and action plan to realign & remediate the identified risks.

Outcome; A meticulously planned CCPA & CPRA compliance program that not only provides immunity from severe financial implications & brand reputation loss but also acts as a catalyst for broader change.

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