AMAZE for Secure Desktop - 1 WK - Implementation

Hexaware Technologies

Migrate to Office 365 with Hexaware’s automated platform that provides a seamless end user experience while reducing the time required for migration by 45% and the migration cost by 35%

Migration to Office 365 can provide a digital edge in today’s competitive market through improved employee productivity and satisfaction by creating seamless collaboration. Through our agile and customer centric migration approach we aim to migrate the customer to Office 365 platform faster, with minimum disruption and an elegant user experience.

As a certified expert managed services partner, Hexaware also offers Office 365 licenses as part of our CSP at attractive & discounted rates.

The pricing and timelines of migration shown are for 100 mailboxes. The actual pricing and timelines are dependent on the number of mailboxes that will be migrated. The offer is priced as below: * Fixed Charges (Migration cost of 100 mailboxes)- $1500 * Additional Charges (Over the 100 mailboxes included)- $10 per mailbox

Day 1: Kick off & network configuration: * Explain the migration process & clarify inclusions / exclusions of assessment. * Discuss with network team to ensure connectivity & environment setup is ready * Validate credentials for public DNS account of domain registrar * Initiate assessment of on-prem mail server Day 2: On prem mail server assessment: * Complete detailed assessment of on-prem server * Generate assessment & remediation report * Query Office 365 tenant for license inventory Day 3 & 4: License mapping, remediation & sync: * Share assessment report with customer and finalize batch creation & license mapping * Perform remediation's based on the assessment * Install hybrid exchange server and configuration * Establish AD sync with Office 365 Day 5: Migration: * Initiate migration of mailboxes * Assign licenses post migration * Validate the successful migration & license assignment

Deliverables: * Assessment report of on-prem mail server * List of mailbox remediation's performed * List of user mailboxes migrated, and the licenses mapped * Free 15-day trial of Office 365 Managed services

This engagement is delivered remotely.

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