Predict Demand Planning :1-Wk -Proof of Concept

Hexaware Technologies

PoC to demonstrate how Predict leverages advanced analytics offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, to transform demand planning and sense and shape the demand in real-time

Hexaware’s Predict -Demand Planning, fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a web-based analytical tool to study forecast scenarios across entire product and location hierarchies for different time horizons.
It uses widget app-like visualization of Forecast in the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations environment and understands the effects of driving new demand or upselling current demand with variable adjustments like price, promotions, events and collaborates demand plans for production, purchasing and inventory departments

Hexaware offers free Proof of Concept to help you understand how our platform works while leveraging past data metrics to perform a blind demand forecast calculation and compare against the actual demand.

The PoC will be conducted in following steps:

Step-1 - Data collection for PoC:

  • 2 years of demand data – First year data will be used for developing models which will then be tested against second year’s actual demand (annual data needed to incorporate seasonality)
  • PoC to be carried out for prioritized list of categories, region or BU’s
  • Data required
    • Transactional Data - Daily / Weekly sales order data with prices at SKU and customer level
    • Master Data - Product hierarchy data with product description attributes at SKU level, Anonymized customer hierarchy data with relevant attributes
    • Optional Data - Product selling price and promotional calendar

Step-2 - PoC development

Step-3 - Customer Workshop

Day-1- PoC Demonstration: * Key findings walkthrough with potential areas of improvement * Understanding current S&OP process and pain points * Finalize scope for pilot phase

Day-2: Final Report preparation, detailing: * Business outcome definition with ROI * Integration, customization, testing & support plan * Plan for rolling out to in-scope business

Day-3: Final Presentation: * Stakeholder/steering committee discussion * Business case and roadmap presentation

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