Immersive Retail-2 Hr Value Discovery Workshop

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware invites you to a 1-to-1 workshop to demonstrate our Immersive Retail solution on Microsoft Dynamics Commerce and winner at Incubathon-Microsoft Industry Garage, June 2021.

Experience-led design is rapidly becoming a differentiator and providing superior customer experiences has become a necessity. Mixed Reality has seen exponential growth in the last few years and is already being used in the Retail space quite extensively.

Hexaware brings in personalized extended reality solution- Immersive Retail powered by Microsoft Azure cloud services and integrated closely with Microsoft Dynamics Commerce. Assist customers in their end-to-end purchase journey by providing virtual tryouts, real-time customizations, social commerce, AI design toolkit & 3D Asset Factory pipeline. Our deep enterprise expertise on WebAR, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality enables Retailers to disrupt and align themselves to the constant change in customer’s buying behavior.

Our 2-hour workshop will enable retailers to identify, create key customer touchpoints, drive rich, intuitive, hyper realistic and immersive experiences to their customers by blurring the line between the instore & eCommerce, while also identifying how to leverage your existing investments in Microsoft technologies.

Agenda for our value discovery workshop:

  • In depth session on our solution and different use cases leveraging WebAR, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Virtual Walkthrough & Microsoft HoloLens

  • How to leverage existing investment in Microsoft Stack and Cloud- XR methodologies and architectures for implementing a scalable XR solution

  • Brainstorming session to identify your Market opportunities and your best-fit use cases, build a Business case, ROI estimation with our solution

Next Steps:

Hexaware shall invite interested customers for a PoC to demonstrate our capabilities in customer environment.

For more information visit or contact us.

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