UNITE: ERP Discovery_


UNITE: ERP Discovery_ helps business owners & Finance Directors to better understand requirements via interviews & observations in order to create a tailored solution to ensure ROI.

Are you a CFO looking for a new ERP system but struggling to define what your business requirements are?

Evaluating the market for a new ERP System can be challenging due to the complexity and amount of customisations needed to meet specific business objectives.

There’s an easier way to come up with a detailed plan that ensures Dynamics 365 Business Central fully supports your business now and in the future.

UNITE: ERP Discovery_ key benefits include:

  • Provides a valuable and structured process to support your evaluation of system requirements.
  • The product is specifically designed to help us learn more about your organisation and understand its key requirements for a business system.
  • Our consultants will conduct one-on-one interviews and observation sessions to validate our understanding and gain a better perspective of your desired solution. This will enable us to propose a solution that meets your requirements and focus on the areas where we feel our solution will have the most impact and ROI.
  • The UNITE: ERP Discovery_ approach ensures that all the key requirements needed to build your desired Dynamics 365 solution are captured in a structured manner.
  • To get the maximum value, we recommend conducting the discovery process in the working environment at user's desks or on the shop floor, rather than being insulated in a meeting room. This will enable our consultants to truly understand your needs and recommend how you can maximise the value.
  • Once the Discovery Site Survey is completed, we can present a 'vision' of how we see your organisation utilising the Infinity Group Solution to provide the system value to support your business needs. This ensures the return on investment you require.

The UNITE: ERP Discovery_ workshop is a crucial process in any re-evaluation of your ERP system, covering the following areas:

  • Your business activities.
  • Company initiatives, business strategies, goals, targets, and KPIs.
  • Current systems, operations, processes and procedures, including limitations and opportunities for efficiency gains.
  • Improvements and objectives for each business area or department, setting expectations.
  • Project and solution scope.

To support your evaluation process, we will also review the following:

  • Activities completed outside of your current system to determine if there is value in integrating them into a unified solution.
  • Pains or issues experienced with the existing solution or the lack thereof.
  • Identified future changes or corporate initiatives.
  • Technical and infrastructure requirements, including options for Managed Services and/or a hosted system.
  • Current data accuracy and database status.
  • Interfaces with other applications.

To successfully gather and assimilate this information, we need to spend approximately 45 minutes to an hour with key members of your team covering the core functional areas.

Once the Discovery Site Survey is completed, we can present a 'vision' of how we see your organisation best utilising Business Central to support your business needs today and deliver future ROI. This includes:

  • Solution design based on futureproofed processes.
  • Detailed Functional Requirements Document (FRD).
  • Configuration settings for Dynamics 365.
  • Fit gaps and recommended solutions.
  • Licensing recommendations.
  • Additional integration and reporting needs.

Infinity Group is a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner in the UK covering Microsoft’s three clouds – Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 - offering technology services, solutions, and managed services.

With specialist teams across Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, Microsoft 365, and Cyber Security, we’ll address the challenges that businesses face like productivity, efficiency, cost savings, customer service and scalability.

Infinity Group is one of few organisations globally that holds Microsoft Cloud Solutions status.

This means Infinity Group is recognised by Microsoft across six solution designation areas covering: Infrastructure (Azure), Data & AI (Azure), App Innovation (Azure), Security, Business Applications and Modern Work.

Speak to us today about the UNITE: ERP Discovery_ workshop, pricing or register your interest for a no obligation conversation with one of our consultants.

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