Application Lifecycle Management - Managed Service Engagement

Innovative-e Inc.

Support you Microsoft Power Apps and Teams4PM applications with our Application Lifecycle Management Services.

Innovative-e's Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 to provide organizations with a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing their applications throughout their entire life cycle. This integration leverages the capabilities and features of Microsoft 365 to enhance collaboration, streamline development processes, and optimize application deployment.

At the core of Innovative-e's ALM is a robust set of tools and methodologies that enable organizations to plan, develop, test, deploy, and maintain their applications effectively. These tools are designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft 365's suite of productivity and collaboration tools, such as Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Azure DevOps.

The integration begins with the planning phase, where project teams can utilize Microsoft 365's collaborative tools to define project requirements, create roadmaps, and establish project timelines. Teams can leverage SharePoint to create project sites and document libraries, facilitating efficient communication and information sharing throughout the application life cycle.

During the development phase, Innovative-e's ALM integrates with Azure DevOps, a comprehensive development platform within Microsoft 365, to enable agile software development practices. Development teams can use Azure DevOps to manage source code, track work items, and automate build and release processes. This integration ensures seamless collaboration between development teams and stakeholders, enhancing transparency and accelerating development cycles.

Innovative-e's ALM leverages Microsoft 365's testing and quality assurance capabilities as applications move into the testing phase. Testing teams can utilize tools like Microsoft Test Manager and Azure Test Plans to create test plans, execute test cases, and track defects. The integration allows for efficient test management and bug tracking, ensuring the delivery of high-quality applications.

When it comes to deployment, Innovative-e's ALM takes advantage of Microsoft 365's cloud-based infrastructure and deployment options. The integration enables organizations to leverage Azure services to deploy applications, manage resources, and scale infrastructure as needed. This seamless integration simplifies the deployment process and enhances the scalability and reliability of applications.

Throughout the maintenance and support phase, Innovative-e's ALM and Microsoft 365 continue to work together to ensure smooth operations. Teams can leverage Microsoft 365's monitoring and analytics tools, such as Azure Monitor and Power BI, to proactively monitor application performance, identify issues, and make data-driven decisions for ongoing improvements.

In summary, integrating Innovative-e's ALM with Microsoft 365 gives organizations a powerful solution for end-to-end application management. By leveraging Microsoft 365's productivity and collaboration tools suite, development platforms, and cloud infrastructure, organizations can enhance collaboration, streamline development processes, improve application quality, and ensure efficient deployment and ongoing maintenance.

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