Shipping Mgmt with Business Central: 1-Hr Briefing

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This collaborative discussion will explain how to integrate your shipping processes into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide a seamless and optimized workflow.

Manual shipping processes including quoting, packaging management, and shipment tracking is time-consuming and prone to errors. Extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central by integrating a complete shipping management solution.

This one-hour briefing is designed to help you understand how to leverage Dynamics 365 Business Central to manage your shipping processes.


Based on your specific business needs, you will learn:

  • How to link Dynamics 365 Business Central to your contracted carrier rates to obtain real-time quotes
  • How to obtain accurate quotes based on a shipments actual dimension and weight
  • How to integrate handheld devices with barcode scanning to optimize your shipping process
  • How to optimize the physical packaging of goods while automatically storing package management information
  • How to capture package level details including serial numbers, lot numbers, and assembly component details
  • How to automatically communicate real-time shipment tracking information to your customers
  • How to generate shipping documents including commercial invoices and bills of lading
  • How to lower your overall shipping costs

This briefing is an interactive meeting so clients should come prepared to discuss their shipping needs and challenges. The briefing will be based on the client's specific requirements. This briefing may introduce third-party add-ons for Dynamics 365 Business Central depending on requirements. All briefings are conducted online.

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