Warehouse Insight User Training: 2-Hr Workshop

Insight Works

Learn the ins and outs of Warehouse Insight, the WMS add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to enable mobile data collection from the warehouse floor.

This workshop provides end-user training for the Insight Works Warehouse Insight add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. A typical training session will run for two hours.



Users will be shown the relationship between the PDA Configuration and how the scanner behaves, how to configure the scanner to point to different Locations, as well as the various sections of Warehouse Insight.

Item / Bin Inquiry

A demonstration relating to the Inquiry module will focus on how to get quick information on Items within the warehouse, as well as Bin Contents, right from the scanner.


Information on how the Receiving module ties back to the different types of Dynamics 365 Business Central Receiving documents will be discussed. A demonstration to fully receive a Purchase Order or Warehouse Receipt using the scanner will be performed.


After goods have been received into the warehouse, a demonstration of how to put those goods away will be given.


A bin-to-bin move will be demonstrated as well as a brief discussion on best practices and common issues that may arise as it relates to batch naming within the Reclass Journal.


Once a Pick document has been created from within Dynamics 365 Business Central, users will be shown how to pick items for shipping, using the scanner.

License Plating

Configuring License Plating within Dynamics 365 Business Central will be touched on, as well as a demonstration on using a License Plate directly from the scanner and from within some of the other modules.

Consumption / Output

For instances where the Production module will be used, a brief demonstration of recording both Consumption and Output will be given.


The workshop can be delivered virtually or onsite. Travel and living expenses may incur additional costs.

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