Intelligent Language Chatbot: 2-Hr Briefing


AI-driven conversational interfaces are going to change the way companies interact with customers over the next several years. What opportunities do you have to capture this value in your business?

Today, bots can deliver immediate value to your company. Bots are already in place at companies everywhere, and are generating results such as:

  • Lower cost to serve customers
  • Lower average time to serve customers
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased revenue per customer interaction

Bots can handle customer interactions in a long list of conversational channels, freeing you from the burden of training and deploying human resources every time customers decide they want to use a new channel to speak to your company.

Over the next several years, bots will grow in their ability to serve customers in a variety of scenarios, promising increasing returns and enabling:

  • Automation of increasingly difficult customer interactions
  • Freeing human labor to focus on more valuable problems
  • Massive scale of human labor via AI assistance

But to get there … you have to start here. Bots and AI are an asset that grows with your company over time. This means that if you wait to deploy this technology, you may find yourself years behind the curve, struggling to catch up to competitors who are now moving much faster than you are.

Let’s sit down and evaluate the opportunity at your business, based on the interactions you have with customers today and the data you have about those customers. You’ll leave this evaluation knowing much more about the possibilities to generate value by deploying bots into your customer interaction channels.


At the end of this 2-hour evaluation, you will receive a report including the following information:

  • Areas of your business where bots and AI could deliver the most value to your business
  • The business systems and data at your company with which a bot could interact with customers
  • Specific interactions that could be handled by a bot
  • The next steps you can take to start capitalizing on the value of bots and AI in your business
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