Power BI Jumpstart 3 Week Workshop

Kopis, LLC

This Offering allows your users to start acting on the information in front of them. We will help you organize your information, create stunning visualizations, and help turn insights into impacts.

The Kopis BI Architects will evaluate your data platform, develop an approach to meet your short and long-term needs, and work with your business SMEs to develop 3 data visualizations that answer your most relevant questions.

Kopis will provide PowerBI expertise, and best practice overview to your team. These services will be presented as a Kopis PowerBI Jumpstart. The Jumpstart includes:

1- An overview of the PowerBI platform, visualizations and components.

2- Setup, documentation, and configuration of the PowerBI environment (predetermined location)

3- Workshops with your user group to identify 3 visualizations that will be the focus of the Jumpstart content.

4- Training workshops using the show, watch, do process of providing hands on training with the tool.

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