Power Platform: 1-Month Proof of Concept


LarcAI has done over 300 automation implementations across various industries and have acquired valuable IP that now benefits all our customers. We help your team to unpack the value automation brings

The Power Platform Proof of Concept is a no risk option to explore the potential of the Microsoft Power Platform. Giving you the opportunity to explore and validate the benefits this platform offers. The 4 weeks period offers you the opportunity ot work with our experts to discover, build and deliver potential solutions. Estimated Plan: The Power Platform Proof of Concept is broken down in 4 steps:

Step 1 - Discovery • Deriving a list of ideas for the PoC and assessing the idea list to find the low hanging fruit and quick wins. Step 2 - Development • Solution technical Design including data, connector and business process flow development. Step 3 - UAT • Testing of key functions and integrations with other data sources • Adjustments based on user feedback. Step 4 – Deployment or DEMO • Final delivery demon of the solution and potential roadmap discussion PoC knowledge sharing and measurement: • Power Platform potential and capability assessment. • Solution example to test with own data, environment, and process flow design. • Steps to production-ready Power Platform solution. • Partner capability and product knowledge display.

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