SureStart: 2-Week Assessment

Leaf Software Solutions, Inc.

Facilitating design and discovery sessions to document current and future processes impacting the business. Building an implementation roadmap prioritizing the processes.

Leaf will work with client representatives to define and document key processes that impact business processes. The engagement aims at accomplishing two key objectives:

  1. Facilitate design and discovery sessions to document current and future processes impacting the business.
  2. Build an implementation roadmap prioritizing the processes that have been defined and documented.

During the SureStart project, Leaf will work with their client to accomplish the following:

  • Define the key objectives and requirements to implement Dynamics 365 within the organization
  • Establish key milestones and phases (with associated timelines) for the Dynamics 365 implementation
  • Define the operational objectives and identify how Dynamics 365 can assist in the overall operation's vision

Design and Discovery Sessions Leaf will engage client representatives via a series of in-person meetings where interviews and discovery sessions will occur. These meetings will provide the basis upon which all items to be incorporated within the project will be identified and documented.

Implementation Roadmap The final aspect of this engagement focuses upon creating a high-level implementation roadmap. This roadmap will be engineered from the core business processes defined and documented above and will provide recommended approaches and phases to address specific subsets of processes. Associated costs to implement and build each subset of processes will be provided within the roadmap; these budgetary estimates will provide realistic expectations of cost and duration to implement Dynamics 365.

Proposed Scope and Deliverables

  • Documentation of the roadmap, process flows, and recommendations for implementing Dynamics 365
  • Presentation of the roadmap with associated recommendations on process implementation timelines with client stakeholders
  • Estimated budgetary costs and time to build and implement each process within Dynamics 365.

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