Lighthouse Proof of Concept: 10 Wk

Lighthouse Global

Partner with Lighthouse to test Microsoft Purview technology and understand if it's meets requirements for your organization’s data security workflows.

Most Microsoft 365 deployments focus primarily on business requirements, not the legal risks. However, Lighthouse delivers technology and workflow Purview Proof of Concepts focused on  privacy, information governance, legal, and records management within the Microsoft 365 platform.

Lighthouse helps organizations deploy Microsoft Purview effectively to reduce risk. With this POC, Lighthouse will: -Walk you and your stakeholders through the testing and analysis processes we followed and the results that were observed.

-We will recommend ways to implement advanced information governance and compliance in your eDiscovery program. These recommendations are designed to maximize your cost savings and efficiency and give you the information needed to develop your business use cases.

-Deliver an actionable roadmap inclusive of understanding Microsoft Purview features, workflows, and intricacies as it pertains to your data life cycle frameworks.

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