Next Level Meetings with Teams Premium

Magenium Solutions, LLC

This 12 hour Proof of Concept highlights what is possible with Teams Premium licenses along with things you must consider before enabling it.

Teams Premium licenses offer incredible new features that bring your users new ways to enhance productivity & collaboration using AI-powered tools and more. Some of these features include, but are not limited to: • Standard or custom meeting backgrounds at the user level • More personalized and intelligent meetings & recaps • Custom meeting templates and organization branding of meeting lobbies • Live translated captions during meetings

Our 12-hour Teams Premium Proof of Concept offer includes: • User persona analysis • Review of features to enable/disable based on those personas and use cases • Default translations, review of data retention policies

We will also include live product demos that will include: • Using Teams Premium with AI-powered meetings • Updated look and feel • In-meeting topics and chapters • Suggested AI-powered notes • Meeting summary & translation

Magenium will then implement the Proof of Concept with Teams Premium meeting policies and add custom Teams Premium templates. The end result is a proof of concept you can use to showcase functionality of Microsoft Teams Premium and help guide you for a full deployment of your new licenses.

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