Customer Experience D365 and Fabric

Mandelbulb Technologies Private Limited

Unified Commerce: Dynamics 365 & Fabric for a 360-Degree Customer View

Targeting retail and customer-focused sectors, this offering redefines customer engagement by bridging Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Sales with the analytical power of Microsoft Fabric. Aimed at businesses seeking to elevate their customer experience through data integration and actionable insights.

Strategic Plan:

Customer Insights Amplification: Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Insights with Fabric for enriched customer profiles using AI-augmented data analysis. Sales and Marketing Alignment: Leverage unified data to synchronize sales and marketing efforts, crafting personalized customer journeys. Customer Service Excellence: Infuse customer service interactions with insights derived from a holistic view of customer data, improving resolution times and satisfaction rates.

Table of Action Items:

  • Map out customer data flow and identify touchpoints for enhancement across Dynamics 365 and Fabric.
  • Develop customer segmentation and personalization strategies leveraging combined analytics.
  • Optimize customer service protocols by integrating real-time insights into service workflows.

Cost Strategy:

Begin with an in-depth consultation and planning workshop priced at $10,000, spanning four weeks of discovery and strategy formulation. Following this, tailor-made implementation plans will be scoped based on the depth of integration required.

Benefits After Implementation:

-Customer Retention Growth: Projecting a significant increase in customer loyalty metrics due to a more personalized experience. -Sales Conversion Uplift: Aim for a substantial increase in conversion rates through targeted marketing campaigns and optimized sales strategies. -Service Optimization: Improve customer service metrics by leveraging data-driven insights, potentially decreasing resolution time by up to 30%.

Post-Workshop/PoC Commitment:

Our partnership extends beyond initial strategies, offering ongoing expertise in data-driven customer experience management and continuous improvement of your commerce strategies.

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