Admin Center of Excellence: 2-Day Workshop

MAQ Software

Optimize your licensing costs and learn about tenant level settings in Power BI to ensure your security settings meet or exceed the data security standards of your organization

Power BI offers multiple ways to get the data, implement security and share reports. Understand the settings available to admins as well as the users to come up with guidelines for your org for minimizing your licensing costs and stay complaint with IT and data security policies of your company. We can also help you set up guidelines based on legal requirements such as GDPR.


Day 1:

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Understanding the Power BI Administrator Role
  • Providing Governance in a Power BI environment
  • Establishing a Power BI environment
  • Provisioning Premium Capacity

Day 2:

  • Facilitating Collaboration and Sharing
  • Usage Monitoring and Auditing
  • Establishing a Data Access Infrastructure
  • Automating Power BI Administration


Power BI / O365 Admins, Individuals setting up center of excellence in their organization

Meeting Output:

Power BI admins will know the how to efficiently manage Power BI licenses and service while being compliant with the security and IT policies of your company

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