Advanced Data Modeling with Power BI:3Day Workshop

MAQ Software

Advance your data modeling skills to gain more powerful insights

As the 2021 Microsoft Power BI Partner of the Year, we are recognized for our expertise in implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions. Our certified engineers will teach you advanced data modeling techniques that will expand your business intelligence capabilities.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to create advanced data models in Power BI, implement simple and advanced DAX calculations, and apply best practices to both data models and DAX.

Target Audience

  • Mid-level BI developers
  • Power BI business users


Day 1: Introduction to Data Modeling with Power BI Module 1: Introduction to Power BI Desktop

  • Power BI desktop data models and components
  • Identifying the most effective schemas

Module 2: Power Query M Language

  • M language syntax
  • Function and keyword structure
  • Connecting to data
  • Using Advanced Editor
  • Importing data from various sources
  • Creating queries using toolbar navigations and Advanced Editor

Module 3: Introduction to DAX calculated columns and measures Lab 1: Using Power BI Desktop

Day 2: Advanced Modeling Techniques Module 4: M Transformations

  • Merging and combining queries
  • Using multiple queries in an advanced transformation

Module 5: The Benefits of Parameterizing Queries

Module 6: Introduction to Optimization Techniques

Day 3: Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) and Modeling Best Practices Module 7: Introduction to DAX

  • The difference between calculated columns and measures
  • When to use calculated columns and measures Lab 2 : Queries, transformations, and DAX

Module 8: Calculating functions with DAX

  • Using CALCULATE function
  • Analyzing evaluation contexts - Scalar vs. table - Filter context vs. row context - Table functions, basic functions, and iterators

Module 9: Understanding complex measures with data modeling techniques

Module 10: Time-intelligence functions

Module 11: Data modeling best practices

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